High-Performance development board for advanced users


If you want high performance development board, Aurora Tiny will good selection for you. It is a microcontroller board based on the STM32G431KBU6. The microcontroller features Arm 32-bit Cortex-M4 Core, and it has frequency up to 170MHz. It is currently in S/W develop stage.


FrequencyUp to 170MHz
operating voltage3.3V
input voltageWill be Provided
I/O PinsWill be Provided
analog in pinsWill be Provided
flash memory128Kbytes
sramWill be Provided
LED_BUILTINWill be Provided


Sorry, we will provide it ASAP.


  • Schematic File: Download
  • MCU Datasheet: Download
  • Databrief (EN): To be released
  • Databrief (KR): To be released
  • Getting Started (EN): To be released
  • Getting Started (KR): To be released